Monday, 9 March 2009

Does Gatehouse still exist?

The Gatehouse Publishing Charity, known to literacy tutors as Gatehouse Books no longer exists. It went into liquidation in 2005. It was established in 1976 by Patricia Duffin with one year’s funding and emerged as a unique publisher of writing by and for basic skills students and enjoyed an international reputation.

I’m really confused though because I still see the Gatehouse name about
This is because the assets and name were purchased by a buyer who set up a new company called Gatehouse Media Ltd which is a profit making company. They purchased the assets and name and use the trademark Gatehouse Books. They are NOT the original Gatehouse. It’s confusing for many tutors because although the company name is Gatehouse Media Ltd, it inevitably gets shortened to Gatehouse; hence people think it’s the same organisation – IT ISN’T!

What’s the connection between Gatehouse Publishing Charity and New Leaf?
Following the closure of Gatehouse Publishing we were determined that our wealth of experience in community publishing and writing should not go to waste. We set up New Leaf Books as a way of taking forward the philosophy and not for profit aims that were first established by Gatehouse Publishing Charity Ltd. Many of the popular original Gatehouse titles have been republished as new editions by New Leaf. Hopefully this clarifies the situation which I know is confusing for many tutors.

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